Sunday, February 5, 2012

If We Must Die By Claude McKay

About The Poet

Claude McKay was born on September 15 1889 in Clarendon Jamaica.He was a Jamaican-American poet and writer.His most notable work was a novel titled "Home To Harlem".He died on May 22 1949 in Chicago Illinois.

Summary Of Poem
If we must die is about losing nobly.No one wants to fail. But,if we are going to fail we might as well fail fighting and be honored afterwards.

Paraphrase Of Poem Lines
If we must lose we don't want to lose without a fight.
We want to fight until the end.
We want to be known and remembered.
We want to fail nobly.
We don't want to shed any blood or tears in vain.
We want to be honored for trying.
We all have to try.
Even if it seems impossible we still must be brave.
Even If It's hard we have to give it our all and try our hardest until the end.
We might see others fail but we won't end up like them.
We must fight until the end.

Figurative Language In Poem
In this poem the poet uses a simile to show how he doesn't want to end up beaten and battered like a wild animal no one will care for nor remember in the line "If we must die-let it not be like hogs".

Theme Of Poem
The theme of the poem is that no one wants to lose and be forgotten.


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