Sunday, February 5, 2012

Invictus By:William Ernest Henley

About The Poet

William Ernest Henley was born on August 23 1849 in Gloucester England.He was a poet a critic and a editor.He died July 11 19503.

Summary Of Poem
This poem is about how we control our fate.Nothing can hurt us unless we let it.Even when it seems bad we have to remember we control our lives.

Paraphrase Of Poem Lines
Out of nowhere.
Small and unnoticeable
I'm thankful for my strength and knowledge of my unconquerable soul.

I never cower away no matter how bad the situation.
I have felt the pain but i don't let it get to me.

Beyond pain there is the truth.
So I am not scared.
I know nothing can surpass me since I am in charge of me.
Because I control me.

Figurative Language In Poem
In the poem invictus the poet uses a metaphor to show how he controls his future and how he is in charge of it in the line "I am the master of my fate".

Theme Of Poem
This poem is about how we can determine our selves and our future no matter what.

Personal Commentary
This poem is very famous and well-known. I've read it and heard people talk about it a lot.It is famous because it is motivating and it can easily be related to by most.

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